For the love of a stranger

Sustainable Shanti’s mission is about spreading more love into the world, whether it’s by helping someone have clearer more radiant skin so they can feel more confident in themselves, by reducing the amount of pesticides and chemicals that are used on our crops, or by helping to teach the road of sustainability and environmental awareness we try our best to walk everyday.

While feeling blue, down and lonely last night, I decided to attempt to cultivate more love in my immediate world: I called some of my closest friends and sat down for a few hours to hear about their lives.  I have always found that when we as people are generous with the very thing we seek be it money, time or love, the universe responds by sending it back to us two-fold.  And those phone calls did the trick: I was reminded of how incredibly unique, brilliant and talented my friends are, and how lucky I am that they are a part of my life.  Those blues just seemed to melt away into laughter, even through some of the tears.

I have recently come across a project by Hannah Katy that attempts to spread the same love I found last night, but instead of spreading it with friends, they are reaching out to all the strangers we encounter in our lives.  Called More Love Letters, Hannah and her army of volunteer writers leave love letters to strangers in unexpected places.  Whomever picks them up is the lucky recipient.  How wonderful to find one of these letters and know that someone somewhere in the universe has taken the time to tell you, not by email or by a text message, but in a hand-written letter that you are special to them!

What can you do to help send someone a little love today?  And what will it do to your heart and your world?  What would change about your day if you knew a complete stranger out there loved you, just as you are in this moment?

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