Musings on a Rainy Day

A little over two years ago, I had a crisis of sorts.  I was working five jobs to stay afloat on Martha’s Vineyard and was miserable.  The feeling that I had more to give, more to say nagged me constantly, but what was I truly meant to do with my one and precious life?  Who was I supposed to be when I grew up?

A friend suggested I write a personal manifesto: a statement of what I wanted to accomplish in my life.  I found this brief manifesto in my journal the other day:

My goal is simple: Leave this world having made a mark for the better–kids leading healthy happy lives in a safe environment, a few less people who go hungry at night, more schools and less bombs–these are the makings of a better world.  These are the ideas that make me tick.  Speaking foreign languages and finding a common bond in differing cultures makes me happy and feel free.  So what do I do with all these blessings?  How do I make an impact on the world and allow myself room for creativity?  I wish I had an answer.

As Rainer Maria Rilke once told his friend, I found my answer by living my questions: Sustainable Shanti, a company which places the highest value on protecting and nourishing people and the planet.  Happy holidays to those of you who celebrate them.  I know my life is already overflowing with gifts every day and for that I will eternally be grateful.

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