Sustainable Shanti Heads to the ICE!

Sustainable Shanti has had a very busy holiday season thus far and we’ve just received some exciting news: we’re heading to Antarctica!  Well, we aren’t personally, but our salves are, care of Karen Shaffer!  She recently sent some photos of the journey down to the ICE and will be updating us on how her skin does under such harsh conditions.

This trip has us thinking: if Sustainable Shanti is effective and tough enough to handle being in Antarctica, imagine what it does for your skin up here in North America!  Last minute holiday gifts?  Go for it!

0001 Shanti Boards AA 121210 0002 Shanti Smells Red Roses in New Zealand 0003 Shanti Smells White Roses in New Zealand 0004 Shanti meets a pretty lass from New Zealand 0005 Shanti Meets JT in New Zealand 0006 Shanti with the USAP 0007 Shanti Looks Around the C-130 0008 Shanti Peeks through the C-130 Porthole 0009 Shanti Surveys the Comfy Web Seating on the C-130 0010 Shanti Straps into the C-130 0012 Shanti Boards Ivan the Terra Bus 0011 Shanti Arrives at the ICE

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