We’re all for tooting our own horn–nothing wrong with a little self-love, but we feel really honored that our customers love to do it for us.

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“Great customer service and fast shipping! My face is dumbly sensitive to all sorts of lotions and creams and this is by far the best stuff I’ve used. It keeps my face so smooth! It is oil based so a little goes a long way. Excellent product, thank you!” -Claire M.

“After battling recent adult acne, I decided to try the Saving Face Salve.  Within only a couple days, my skin was clearer and calmer.  The salve moisturized my skin effectively without further exacerbating my acne.  I’m addicted.  Best stuff on earth.” -Rachel S.

“I have very sensitive skin, particularly when I shave.  The Warrior’s Razorburn Relief has made my face smoother, calmer and overall happier.  No more razorburn or irritation!  This stuff is amazing–it really works!  I’m also a big fan of the sunburn relief cream–Sun, Don’t You Burn Me No More!  After spending a day at the beach and earning myself a bad sunburn, this cream brought my skin back to a golden brown within two days.  Nothing has ever worked so well on my sunburns!” -Jann K.

“[The Salving Face Salve] really is wonderful on older skin.  Mine is quite dry, I think partially because of the medications I’m on.  Good luck with this – it really is an excellent product.  I plan on getting some of the your other products.” -Judy M.

“The Rosie’s Working Woman Wonder Salve gets two thumbs up from our daughter Rebecca (age 22) and another 2 thumbs up from me…(although I’ve been using it secretively for fear that my macho might come into question.)  Rebecca says it’s a great facial moisturizer….and promoted (or is promoting) quick healing in a couple of spots that she’s used it on.  In my case, it’s provided some significant improvement to a dry spot on my leg that I’ve been battling for ages.” -Jeff M.

“Brilliantly great salves.  Amazing scents and effective moisturizers.  I use the Saving Face Salve daily and my skin is radiant and baby’s-bottom smooth.  I absolutely love that people comment on how beautiful my skin looks!  Talk about putting your best face forward!  I have also used the Fiendish Fungus Fighter on rashes and it does the trick–rashes gone, skin moisturized and happy.” -Kathy Y.

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